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These removal guides are posted as Self-Help Guides. This blog and Editor receives NO monetary gain from this blog and desires none, now or ever.  Times are hard for everyone, and this is my way of giving something back. May not be much, but at least I tried. I also answer questions at Yahoo Answers/Computers and Internet/Security(link on right sidebar) if anyone has any questions or you need to contact me. Look for the “My best Friend” avatar like the one at bottom of Home page.

If you can not complete any of these suggestions because of the infection, then special tools will be required. Please refer to the following suggestions to receive help.

Preparation Guide For Use Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help

OR but Not Both

I’m infected – What do I do now?

Complete all the steps you can and post new topic—HERE

Be patient while waiting for help, it may take up to 48hrs. to receive a response from the helpers at these forums because of the amount of people needing help. Once you start receiving help make sure you do only as instructed, take no actions on your own as this will only cause to make the removal to take longer.  If you need any suggestions please ask in the comment areas here at this blog and I will be more than glad to help as far as I can. Good Luck.

Special Thanks To:

Grinler for the posting of the removal guides.

Without the years of dedication this man has put in to helping others and fighting malware, none of this would be possible. And the rest of the staff and helpers at the forum goes a big Thank You and God Bless each and every one of them.

Special Thanks to:

Metallica for the posting of the removal guides.

RubbeR DuckY, AdvancedSetup, Firefox, exile360, YoKenny1, Buttons, TeMerc, miekiemoes and all the rest of the Staff and Honorary members, again goes a special Thanks and God Bless them all.

And a Thank You to:

Thank You One and all from the editor of VMSAR

Wide Glide

🙂 🙂 🙂


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