Virus Identification Resources   3 comments

What is Malware?

What is a Hacker ?

Tracing A Hacker

How Malware Spreads – How did I get infected  

Best Practices for Safe Computing – Prevention of Malware Infection

Real vs. Rogue—–Can You Tell the Difference ?

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

Microsoft Site Map


Virus/Malware Databases

Winwebsec Rogue Names

  • TrojanDownloader:Win32/Kuluoz.B
  • Rogue:Win32/FakePAV
  • Rogue:Win32/FakeRean—–VirusTotal Report—23/46
  • Multirogue 2013,    This malware is looking for the OS version (XP, Vista, Seven) and changes its name and skin: XP Anti-SpywareXP Home Security 2013XP Anti-Virus 2013XP Security 2013,  Win 7  Security Cleaner Pro,  Vista Security Cleaner Pro,  XP Security Cleaner Pro,    Smart Security,    Win 8 Antivirus 2014 & Win 8 Protection 2014,  Win 7 Antivirus 2014 & Win 7 Protection 2014,  Vista Protection 2014 & Vista Antivirus 2014,  XP Antivirus 2014 & XP Protection 2014,  
  • Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes
  • Windows Activity Booster, Windows Warding Module, Windows Active Hotspot, Windows Cleaning Toolkit, Windows Expert Console, Windows Safety Series,  Windows Secure Workstation, Windows Anti-Malware Patch, Windows Virtual Security, Windows Antivirus Release, Windows Interactive Safety, Windows Ultimate Safeguard, Windows Antivirus Machine, Windows Efficiency Console,  Windows Premium Shield,  Windows Accelerator Pro,  Windows Virtual Protector, Windows Prime Booster,  Windows Prime Shield,  Windows Prime Accelerator,  Windows Efficiency Kit,  Windows Ultimate Booster, Windows Safety Master,
  • Windows Security Master,  Windows Defence Master,  Windows Pro Defence Kit,  Windows Antivirus Patrol,  Windows Antivirus Helper,  Windows AntiVirus Tool,  Windows Antivirus Suite,  Windows AntiBreach Tool,  Windows Paramount Protection, Windows Safety Master


Upload files  or have URL’s scanned at these:








Malware Search Add-On



Malware Samples Submission



Short URL Checkers


ReportBlogger Spam

Report Phishing Page

Report Malicious software

Report Malware/Phishing Contacts

Spam Reporting Addresses

Posted February 2, 2010 by Wide Glide

3 responses to “Virus Identification Resources

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  1. I just added this site to my favorite features. I enjoy reading through your posts.

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  3. If anyone has any useful links they would like to see posted, just let me know.
    Thank You

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